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About Us

CCA – Cancer Centers of America

Cancer Centers of America (CCA) is a comprehensive oncology platform created to make quality world-class cancer care accessible and affordable.


CCA was formed by like-minded leading oncologists from the United States of America with ties to US university hospitals and in collaboration with administrative professionals experienced in running large oncology networks in South Asia.

Our Vision

To make world-class cancer care affordable and accessible.        

Our Mission

To improve health and quality of life for our patients by providing safe, evidence based care, meeting the highest standards.

Patient-centric care

Consistency in Quality



Compassion and Respect

Top Oncologists | Modern Infrastructure | Advanced Technology

Medical & Hemato Oncology 


Dr. Amit K Dhiman

Consultant - Medical Oncology


Dr. Gurvinder Singh

Consultant - Medical Oncology

Radiation Oncology 


Dr. Jaspinder Kaur

Consultant - Radiation Oncology


Dr. Manoj Kumar Behera

Consultant - Radiation Oncology

Nuclear Medicine


Dr. Sunil Kumar

Consultant - Nuclear Medicine

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