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Following the COVID pandemic, the use of telemedicine has expanded. It has been found effective across a variety of clinical scenarios. A substantial fraction of visits for patients with cancer, including follow-up consultations, can be effectively and safely conducted using telemedicine.  This facility is useful in enabling a strong doctor-patient relationship thanks to easy availability and access to care.


Oncology Rehabilitation

A comprehensive approach to Oncology Rehabilitation is important to mitigate the effects of cancer treatment and to help patients achieve their highest level of recovery. Evidence indicates that intervention implemented by a trained professional at any phase during cancer treatment has been shown to reduce impairments and significantly improve quality of life.

Oncology Nutrition

An oncology nutritionist and dietitian works with cancer patients and their families to develop a suitable diet while receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy. They help patients adjust their nutritional intake to minimize side effects caused by cancer and cancer treatments.

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Oncology counselling 

A cancer diagnosis is a difficult pill to swallow. Working with a mental health professional can help you cope with the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis and treatment thereafter. counselling can help you process your feelings and reactions in a safe and non-judgemental place where you can talk about your worries. counselling is also a helpful service that family members can take to help them understand and process their feelings.  

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Palliative Care

Cancer and its treatment can cause physical symptoms and side effects. They can also cause emotional, social, and financial effects. Treating these effects is called palliative care or supportive care. Palliative care is an important part of care that entails expert and active assessment, evaluation and treatment of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients and families with serious illnesses. 

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